Thursday, June 02, 2016

Dixon among freshmen ready to hit ground running at UConn

These a pleasantly hectic days for Keyion Dixon as he eyes a State Open title and wraps up the academic side of things during his senior year at Glastonbury High School.

However, even with all the things on his plate, the UConn incoming freshman can't help but think about how his life will change when he heads up to campus on June 19 along with the his other classmates.

"It is kind of surreal," Dixon said shortly as winning the 300 intermediate hurdles title at the CIAC Class LL Track and Field Championships on Wednesday. "You try to take it all in before your life changes and you play football, you just want to enjoy all the track that you can.

"I'm very excited, I am working hard and excited to get with all the guys. All the guys have great vibes and energy about them and I am looking forward to being with them in the summer and just having fun.

"You kind of look ahead but realize that there is some school left, I have to focus on school work to get that right to make sure I am in the best possible position as a student before an athlete. I am looking forward to seeing all the guys and getting ready to hit the field all at the same time, it is going to be exciting."

The reality is about to hit home as is he only about 2 1/2 weeks from making the transition from UConn recruit to UConn player.

"It is like a dream come true," Dixon said. "You work for four years, you always knew what you wanted out of life and when you turn your dream into a reality, it feels so great.  I still can't believe it. All the guys talk about it in the group chat saying 'wow we are getting closer and closer to what we've always wanted all of our lives.'"

This is a smaller class in numbers but there haven't been many defections so they have been able to check in on each other through the regular group chats.

"It was very special, as opposed to other freshmen in previous years when they get there and they don't really know  each other and try to make friends, for us it was like a tight-knit community from the start," Dixon said. "Since the official visit we have all been laughing and getting along with each other, now as that day is getting closer that new family is here."

Next up for Dixon is Monday's State Open. Barring anything crazy taking place at today's Class S meet, he will be the top seed in the 300 hurdles and fellow incoming UConn freshman Tyler Coyle will be the No. 1 seed in the 100 meters.


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