Thursday, May 19, 2016

Diaco generating interest in UConn program

Time will tell how the 2016 UConn football season progresses and what the crowds look like at the seven home games. However, head coach Bob Diaco is certainly doing his part to drum up support for the team heading into his third season.

He took part in meet and greets with UConn fans in Hartford and New York this week. The Associated Press did a story on Diaco's visit to Van Diemens on 3rd Avenue in New York. The story has been appearing on websites and papers across the country and there is no way of quantifying how valuable this is and will be for the program moving forward.

It is not the first time that Diaco has done this. I did a story back in 2014 when he made a similar appearance at Buffalo Wild Wings in Milford. Since Diaco has been on the job at UConn he has certainly tried to get the word out and he should be commended for that. His success at UConn will ultimately be determined by wins and losses but he is doing his part as the face of UConn football to get the word out. I have seen posts on social media suggesting that Diaco's third team with the Huskies bears similarities to Matt Rhule's third squad at Temple which won 10 games during the regular season and played in the American Athletic Conference title game. If the Huskies can approach the kind of success the 2015 Temple team enjoyed, the fans including some likely at these "road tour" events will get to see what Diaco was hired to do, turn around the fortunes of the UConn football program.

Diaco's next stop on his road tour is Dockside Seafood & Grill in Branford on Monday from 5:30-8 p.m. and on June 16 he will appear at Jasper White's Summer Shack in Cambridge, Mass.


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