Friday, October 30, 2015

Sustaining offense after strong starts a priority for UConn

There's no question that UConn's offense in the first quarters of games is clearly light years ahead of where it was a season ago.

Case in point, through eight games in the 2014 season the Huskies were outscored 70-16 in the first quarter of games while this season the total is 36-34 in favor of the opponents. Ironically, the first touchdown scored by the Huskies in the first quarter of games came in the East Carolina game.

The issue last season was turnovers on the opening possessions. That issue (for the most part) has been solved and as a result the Huskies have three touchdowns and a field goal on the opening possessions this season. However, there have been problems following up that strong beginning.

UConn is averaging 6.7 yards per play on opening drives but the number drops to 4.7 yards in other first-quarter drives.

That was clearly the case against Cincinnati when UConn had 58 yards on its opening drive and 51 yards on its other three drives.

The live blog for tonight's East Carolina game is up and running. Feel free to check it out.


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