Monday, October 05, 2015

Despite 0-5 start, UCF has respect and attention of UConn

Yes, it is conFLiCT week and naturally UConn coach Bob Diaco was asked a couple of questions on this morning's American Athletic Conference weekly call about Saturday's game at Central Florida.

Before last year's game Diaco mentioned how much respect he has for the UCF program and head coach George O'Leary and said having a trophy for the game wouldn't be a bad idea. Well, he took it to the next step and created a trophy and the Civil conFLiCT name. When it reached the national media that Diaco had declared UCF to be UConn's rival even though Central Florida knew nothing of the trophy or created rivalry, let's just say it might have been mentioned once or twice through social media.

First order of business, "civil" is no longer associated with the trophy since there was some backlash about that.

Diaco was asked on the conference call whether UCF's 0-5 record has taken any luster off the game.

"It is only a thing if it is reciprocated and either way it is fine," Diaco said. "For me it hasn't and for our team it hasn't. We have the utmost and ultimate respect for Central Florida. They have been competing in the conference for three years and they have two losses total. That is who they are, we know that is who they are and that is the team we are going to prepare against."

He was then asked if the trophy was going to be on the flight to Orlando.

"Of course," Diaco said.


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