Monday, September 28, 2015

Vann back at practice for UConn

There is nothing quiet about Marquise Vann when he is on or off the field so it was impossible not to notice the difference now that the two-time team captain was back to practice after missing the last two games with a leg injury.

"I just want to play football," Vann said. "Anytime you love the game, you are going to be a little emotional (returning to the field). At the end of the day, you just want to be around the team, you want to see then happy, you want to see them enjoy the opportunity God has given us."
His teammates were thrilled to see him back on the field although his leadership never waned even when he was sidelined.

"Just because he was not playing doesn't mean he wasn't involved," said UConn safety and fellow team captain Andrew Adams said. "He was on the sidelines, coaching guys and as you come to the sidelines, he is drawing up plays with what they are doing because he is watching their offense as well. He is basically like another coach on the sideline which is great.

"He is not down that he was hurt so that is what I like about him, he does whatever he needs to do for the team. He is always upbeat because that is just the way he is. Some days you come out and you aren't really feeling it so you have Marquise, he is there and he is going to bring you along. As soon as he says something to you, you feel a little more upbeat."



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