Wednesday, September 30, 2015

UConn's offense making strides

At first glance things look so much better on the offensive side of the ball than they did in the early stages of the 2014 season.

So I decided to do a little number crunching to see if the statistics back up what I have been witnessing.

The points per game through four games are almost identical (16 PPG through four games in 2014 and 16.5 PPG this season although if you factor in Deshon Foxx's pint return for touchdown against Stony Brook and Byron Jones' interception return for a TD against USF last year's PPG drops to 12.5).

The first number to jump out at me is that through four games last year the opposing team had 40 points off UConn turnovers and this year the number is 3 (personally, I would make the total 40-7 as I would count the two safeties as turnovers since UConn lost possession but that is not how they are tabulated). Also, through four games last season the Huskies allowed three non-offensive touchdowns in the first four games and there have been no such events this season (although there have been two safeties). Also, the opponents' average offensive touchdown scoring drive after four games in 2014 was 57.3 yards and this year it is 71.9.

There's still plenty of work to be done because many of the numbers below, while they are improved, are still not overly impressive but you do have to walk before you can run.

Here are some numbers to digest of the numbers through four games
                                                          2014 2015
Opponents' points off turnovers:   40       3
Rushing touchdowns:                       1        4
First downs by rushing:                 16      31
Sack yardage lost:                         103     58
Rushing yardage:                          257   433
Turnovers:                                        8       5
Yards per carry:                            2.0    2.9
Sacks allowed:                               17       12
Yards per pass:                              6.1     8.1
Total offense:                               253.2  320.0
Yards per play:                              4.0.     5.0
Tackle for loss allowed:                40        32
First downs:                                  64        75
Completion percentage:              52.8    63.8
Passing yardage:                          756     847


Anonymous Josh Levinson said...

Love it. Even though it's not the biggest jump, 17.2% increase in completion (from 52.8 to 63.8) is actually huge, going from "not very good" to quite decent.

September 30, 2015 12:13 PM 

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