Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cutting down on undisciplined penalties a priority for UConn

While I wasn't in the room when Bob Diaco addressed the members of the UConn football team for the first time this week in preparation for this week's game against Army but I'd have to think cutting down on the penalties after the whistle was pretty high on his to-do list.

If running back Ron Johnson's 15-yard penalties for taunting or unsportsmanlike conduct didn't draw his ire, seeing defensive lineman Folorunso Fatukasi thrown out for fighting in a play that also resulted in a first down and ultimately a touchdown by the Wildcats to pull within five points with 1:45 left to play had his blood boiling just a tad.

"The team plays in a way that represents our culture which is toughness but as a gentleman, it is a culture of composure and self control so that is an area that needs to be improved in terms of all the jaw jacking and loss of self control, that is not what we do, not what we are and not what we are going to be, it is not acceptable in any way," Diaco said. "It absolutely won't be tolerated."

Later in the press conference Diaco was asked about the events in the Texas high school game where two safeties made national news for their actions as one of them hit an unsuspecting official from behind and the other one dove into the fallen official. While he didn't address that specific incident, he did speak about the expectations he and his coaching staff have for the team.

"That is all we do, we kind of teach them and help them grow," Diaco said. "We are not going to bat 100 percent. People are going to do foolish things, I do foolish things, I am going to less foolish things in five years than I am doing right now. In 10 years, I would think I would be doing even less foolish things so young people who are 18-20, you teach them, you love them, you try to open that receptor up. They know you have their best interest at heart to help them listen more to the lessons you are trying to teach."

Last week's live blog apparently did pretty well in the number of page views so we will have another one this week. It is up and running.


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