Saturday, June 13, 2015

Diaco: Weeding out process not part of his plan at UConn

By my count there were 24 players on the UConn roster for the 2013 season finale against Memphis who had remaining eligibility which was never used. It should be noted that seven of those 24 were walk-ons but still that's a pretty substantial number.

The reasons for the departures vary. Some are due to injury, others a result of off the field issues and others just feel like the grass could be greener elsewhere.

When UConn coach Bob Diaco made himself available to the media at the start of the Women's Football 101 Clinic, I asked Diaco if he has a better vibe about the players he has work with going into year two after going through the process of moving forward without the players who fit his plan for the program.

Diaco was quick to shoot down the notion that he came in with the purpose of cutting loose players.

"I don't feel like I did that," Diaco said. "I really don't. I didn't do that, there was some natural circumstances that didn't fit but I didn't intend to do that, I don't intend to do that, it is not what I am about so I can't even go down that road. That speaks to intent and I didn't intend to ever do that."

The timing of the question fit with the news that Jefferson Ashiru, one of the most prominent players to leave the program under Diaco's watch, has officially joined the Maryland program and he will be immediately eligible to play for the Terrapins as well as the news that Sean McQuillan's UConn career is over after his arrest in April.

Here is the list and it should be noted that some of these players left before Diaco arrived with 10 of them (according to my math) leaving under Diaco's watch. I only included the scholarship players since there is always a large turnover when it comes to non-scholarship players.

WR Kamal Abrams
LB Jefferson Ashiru: Will play this season at Maryland
LB Brandon Battles-Santos
TE Michael Boland: Transferred to Lackawanna College
DB Ty-Meer Brown: Played at Boston College in 2014
DB Tyree Clark
QB Casey Cochran: Retired due to multiple concussions
RB Lyle McCombs: Played at Rhode Island in 2014, currently in camp with CFL's Toronto Argonauts
OT Xavier Hemingway
QB Scott McCummings: Retired due to injury, is the quarterbacks coach at Framingham State
TE Sean McQuillan: Barred from re-enrolling in school after arrest for assault and disorderly conduct.
TE E.J. Norris: Transferred to Shepherd University
WR Shakim Phillips: Played at Boston College in 2014, currently in camp with Pittsburgh Steelers
DB David Stevenson: Transferred to Kennesaw State
QB Kivon Taylor: Transferred to Foothill College
TE Quinn Thompson: Transferred to Baldwin Wallace
RB Joseph Williams: Played at ASA College, now at Utah


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