Friday, June 12, 2015

UConn's 2nd annual Women's Football 101 Clinic a success

Bob Diaco has drawn his share of criticism for his creation of a trophy for a rivalry with Central Florida even though UCF is not on board with the "Civil Conflict" rivalry and seems to have little interest in the trophy designed by UConn.

However, one of Diaco's other ideas is proving to be receiving in a much more positive light as about 200 participants showed up for the second annual Women's Football 101 Clinic.

UConn president Susan Herbst, women's basketball senior women's administrator Deb Corum, Andrea Dennis-Lavigne, a member of the UConn board of trustees were among those taking part along with a host of the parents of current UConn players.

"It is a great turnout, everybody is full of energy," said Diaco, who is delighted that the funds raised go to the UConn health center for cancer research. "Everybody is on fire, the players are jacked up and the participants are excited.

"I think one thing that is really cool is that when you do things like this, you see people and they are so excited, it can't help but make what you are doing really mean something, what you are doing is really important to people. There is a lot of interest and there is a lot of support especially when it has been lean, there is still this incredible collection of people who are on fire for the athletics, the university, it is fun."

Here are some videos from the event


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