Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Quick thoughts off Wednesday's practice

Today was the second practice that we had viewing capabilities (at least for the first four periods).

First thing I noticed is that true freshman cornerback Jamar Summers trotted out with the first team defense. I didn't get to check off all 11 guys who were out there but it looks like he was there as the nickel corner. Defensive lineman Kenton Adeyemi was also out there with the first group.

As for the drills we were able to see, it was the return of the "rodeo" drill with an offensive lineman engaging with a defensive player before a running back scooted through. They had four of these going at the same time so I didn't see all of the reps but linebacker Jefferson Ashiru had the best play for a defensive player that I saw while Arkeel Newsome looked elusive and strong during his time in the drills.

There was also a blocking drill between receivers and defensive backs.

There will be player access after practice so look for some stuff from guys like offensive linemen Gus Cruz and Andreas Knappe (who continues to be the No. 1 right tackle ahead of Dalton Gifford), linebacker Graham Stewart and running back Josh Marriner among others.

There were some more attrition on the roster as walk-ons Tim Adanti of Derby, Carlos Martinez of Stamford and Kyle Zielinski of Shelton have been removed from the roster.

Also, credit to John Silver of the Manchester Journal Inquirer for noticing that true freshman Brice McAlister has moved from running back to cornerback.


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