Friday, October 18, 2013

Uncertainty driving Phillips crazy

A week ago at this time Shakim Phillips thought he had finally overcome his troublesome hamstring issues.

After missing two games after tweaking his hamstring during a 75-yard touchdown reception against Maryland Phillips was able to practice and returned to action against South Florida. Then, six plays later Phillips found himself back on the sidelines.

Phillips has gotten back on the practice field and even he doesn't know what his status is for tomorrow's game against Cincinnati.

"You think you are ready to go, you do certain things and you feel fine and then you actually get out on the field and you are really competing, battling and you are trying to do certain things and you can’t do it," Phillips said. "It is frustrating because hamstring injuries are nagging injuries and you never know when it exactly is healed. We didn’t want to hurt is any more so we shut it down.

"It got worse, it (gradually) got worse. The first play I felt fine just like in warmups and then I made a certain cut and I kept going, going and going. After a while it began hurting.

It is crazy honestly. I just want to be out there with my team and help us win. Now that I can’t do that."

T.J. Weist would love to be able to run the dynamic Phillips out there without restriction tomorrow but hamstring injuries are just so unpredictable.

"A lot of injuries you can put a timeline on, this one takes a week, this one takes a month but this one is anywhere from a week to two months because you just don’t know how severe it is," Weist said.

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