Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Boyle ready for challenge of starting at UConn

One by one the UConn players headed into the lunch room which doubles as the interview area during UConn's weekly press availability sessions.

Captain Steve Greene and top receiver Geremy Davis drew a few reporters to the tables they were sitting at as did the handful of other Huskies. Then when freshman quarterback Tim Boyle walked into the room and the things changed in a heartbeat as reporters circled him in record time.

The former Xavier High star handled it all with relative ease.

"We have a a great game plan," Boyle said, "Coach (T.J.) Weist does a great job with that and our coaches on offense have done a really good job on offense finding what works and putting us in that specific position. I think we just need to come together as a team this week because obviously losing four games is tough but we are excited with the bye to come back (strong).

"I wasn’t really told until a couple of practices ago. The first reps they didn’t really tell me until the word came out that Coach Weist is going to do that. I was just going with the flow and whatever the team needed me to do I was doing. I knew I was going with the first-team reps and obviously I wanted to jump on that, do the best I can do."

Boyle is not concerned about kissing his redshirt season goodbye as his focus is on trying to lead UConn to its first victory of the 2013 season.

"My standpoint is the UConn football team and we want to win badly and the coaches understand that. I think the coaches are going to put the players (in) who they think will win games, if that is me as a true freshman or Chandler (Whitmer) as a redshirt junior then it is going to be them," Boyle said. "I am not worried about that too much, my redshirt is my redshirt. I am a football player, I didn’t come to UConn to redshirt my freshman year. I came here to play. I am happy with where I am right now and I am not worried about the fifth year.

"I just turned 19 years old, I played in a state championship 10 months ago so I think it is just me getting prepared for this week and trying to play as fast as I can so my mistakes are limited. I think every quarterback makes mistakes, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning they make mistakes so I don’t expect perfection out of myself but I do hold myself to a certain standard. I am not really worried about making mistakes in my head, I am worried about making good plays trying to visualize in my head I am going to make big plays and not ‘am I going to get sacked this play, am I going to get intercepted."



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