Friday, October 19, 2012

Syracuse coach open to keep rivalries alive

Although this will be Syracuse's final season in the Big East, head coach Doug Marrone professed his passion for Eastern football and hinted earlier this week that he would have no problems meeting up with Big East schools even when the Orange are playing in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

"I have already stated that it goes back a long time ago. I am from New York, I played college football here (at Syracuse), I am a big Northeast football fan and I always believed in the Penn States, the Boston Colleges, maybe Maryland who has been there and we would play those teams year in and year out when I was a player," Marrone said. "With the way the conferences are now, it is very difficult. There is a lot of good football going on and to me I would look at, when I growing up that is what I would like to see happen. As far as scheduling that is complex too. I don’t know what the future is going to hold but I am not too worried about the future because right now I have enough to worry about in the present getting our team to play better and not turn the ball over."


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