Sunday, September 23, 2012

Two starters could be limited this week

On his weekly day after conference call with the media UConn football coach Paul Pasqualoni said that starting safety Ty-Meer Brown and starting center Alex Mateas will be limited early in the week after suffering shoulder and ankle injuries respectively.

"(Brown) bumped his shoulder so he is going to be limited for a couple of days and I will know more on Wednesday so it is going to be a day by day deal," Pasqualoni said. "He came out and then we went back in. He came out, the trainers took a look at it and he was able to go back in and finish.

"(Mateas) has a little bit of a sore ankle so he will be limited as we start and we will monitor that as we go through the week. We will know more when we get to Tuesday just like Ty-Meer they are kind of in the same category, I would say."

Pasqualoni said that the plan was to start reserve defensive tackle Angelo Pruitt at defensive end to replace the injured Jesse Joseph although Pruitt played more snaps than Pasqualoni would have preferred.

"He (Pruitt) is a little bit bigger, a little bit more physical in the run game," Pasqualoni said. "We felt we would get a little bit more in the run (defense) and go back with E.J. (Norris) and Timmy Willman, put them in there and let them play some and use them maybe a little bit more in passing situations. For the first time out I thought Angelo played a lot of plays. I would have preferred he didn't have to play that many plays but he played quite a few. I thought we made some progress and got started with it. We will start this week the same way with Angelo over there. We will use E.J. Norris, Timmy Willman and also will have Kenton Adeyemi up and ready to go."

Pasqualoni was not happy with the mistakes which prevented UConn from returning with a win. Chandler Whitmer's interception on UConn's second offensive possession was a killer since the Huskies would have had a chip-shot field goal had the third-down pass fell incomplete and the sack, fumble and defensive touchdown by Desmond Bozeman in the fourth quarter proved to be the winning margin. There was also a blown coverage leading to a WMU touchdown pass, a missed field goal and dropped pass on fourth down which came back to haunt the Huskies.

"We had enough explosive plays, we had enough yardage," Pasqualoni said. "If somebody was to tell me that we would have more passing yards in the game than Western Michigan I probably wouldn't have believed it. We have to find a way to eliminate the turnovers.

"It is hard to overcome those and don't forget we missed a field goal,  we dropped a pass on fourth down which would have put us in really good field position so not only did we fumble and have an interception."


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