Sunday, November 07, 2010

Enjoy the Sunday notes

Here's a rundown of the Sunday happenings at the Shenkman Center
  • Nick Williams will be returning kickoffs with Kashif Moore this week, a change that isn't on the depth chart.

  • It's a must-win game if the Huskies want any chance to remain in contention to win the league title. Pitt is a full two games ahead in the standings, a big enough hole to climb out of. Three would be insurmountable. "I told the guys if you want to get to where you want to get you have to beat this team," Edsall said. "If we don't beat them, they have a three-game lead."

  • Edsall on Frazer. "Things come up that you don't have a lot of control over, especially competition at the position. The thing I like about what he did, I told him you have to stay ready because your number can come up at any time and he did. He stayed mentally sharp. I think he has a lot of confidence. He knows what he can do. He's practiced well this week, and practiced well when he was No. 2. I've never seen the confidence go down. Now that he has this opportunity, I think he'll take the ball and run with it."

  • Edsall watched Joe Paterno win his 400th game Saturday, and wrote him a note of congratulations today. I can only imagine it was written in long hand -- just don't see JoePa texting. Or even emailing.

  • The week off allowed UConn to heal (see Nick Williams). The Huskies won't practice Monday, only meetings, but will come back on Tuesday. "It did help us from an injury standpoint," Edsall said.

  • Coaching is a people business, and Edsall feels he knows his players well enough to know who can handle praise and who can't. Sio Moore is one, Edsall thinks, can't handle it, which is why he's been as hard on him as he has despite a pretty good game against West Virginia. "You go back and look at the film," Edsall said. "A lot of the reason he got so many tackles was because he was so far out of place. Maybe he set it up to get himself more tackles." The last part was said tongue-in-cheek.

  • Asked to comment on Big East expansion, and TCU in particular, Edsall wouldn't bite. He has no say, and says he'll probably find out when everyone else in the country does.

  • Robbie Frey is feeling better. He won't be returning kicks, but Edsall thinks he can get Frey more involved in the offense this week to spell Todman a bit. Frey is listed as No. 2 on the depth chart.

  • Isiah Moore reclaimed a starting wide receiver spot. It was a combination of Moore doing good things and Difton not getting the job done.

  • Kendall Reyes spent considerable time at defensive tackle, but is back as the starter at end this week. It's a matchup thing, Edsall said. Edsall also liked what he saw from Teddy Jennings, and took into account the Huskies would be better off conserving Shamar Stephen's energy in a part-time role.

  • There's still some lingering health issues with Mike Box. Edsall doesn't speak on injuries, but said Box is still in the red jersey. The kids are evaluated every day. Box has been practicing with the 2's, and Edsall is "pretty certain" he'll be cleared for Thursday. Box is closer to being cleared to probable than being doubtful. That said, Frazer is still the starting quarterback no matter what Thursday, and, as long as he's healthy and productive, will remain in that capacity the rest of the way.

  • The dormitory spy problem has been taken care of, according to UConn sports communications director Mike Enright. Edsall joked about the situation. "Give the guy credit. He knows something about football. It was all truthful and accurate." Someone else asked if Edsall had the spy running 6 a.m. sprints. "I tell you what, if I could get him, I'd get his butt down here at 6 a.m. and I guarantee you he would never write another article," Edsall said with a laugh.


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