Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another bad loss in the rear view mirror

Briefly from the conference call with Edsall
  • Anthony Sherman was limited with what he could do on Saturday because of lingering issues with his hamstring. Some of it, Edsall said, was game-planning, too.
  • There will be no reflecting on Louisville with the short week. (Probably a good thing). It's on to preparing for West Virginia.
  • Edsall said Mike Box did some good things, but also "played like it was his first game". He rushed some throws and was impatient, Edsall said.
  • Not much can be done to adjust on special teams aside from moving some people around. "It hurts not having Robbie Frey," Edsall said. Good day punting by Cole Wagner, the Huskies needed to be able to get off coverage and make tackles.
  • Hard not to notice Scott Lutrus slow up on the blitz right before Adam Froman's first touchdown pass for Louisville. Lutrus readjusted his feet a few steps before getting to the quarterback, allowing Froman enough time to get the pass off. Lutrus is battling stingers, and you have to wonder if it's gotten into his head on plays like that. "We have a blitz going, we have a guy that's coming scott free and he kind of pulls up a bit before he hits the quarterback," Edsall said. "If he comes hard right from the get-go...we had a guy that took his eye off his man and fell down and let him go. We had a blitz called. If we go hard, we probably sack the quarterback. But we don't sack the quarterback."


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