Thursday, October 21, 2010

Edsall on Endres, Box

So we have the basics. Mike Box will get the start on Saturday, Frazer will back up, and Cody Endres' career at UConn is officially finished.

Here's what Edsall had to say...
  • The decision for Endres not to return was mutual. Sort of. "I told him," Edsall said. "I mean he's on track to graduate, and that's what's most important. But I told him I wouldn't have him back here next year. And he made a comment he wasn't planning to come back, so..."

  • Mike Box was No. 2 on the depth chart, which is why he's starting now. "I have complete confidence in Mike," Edsall said. "Everything I do is based on what I think and my staff thinks who are the best people. We made that move before, and we feel Mike gives us the best opportunity to win. We have faith and confidence in him, he just doesn't have a lot of experience."

  • Box just has to do his job, Edsall said. "We just have to make sure we do our part as coaches to get him into a rhythm and gain some confidence as we start the ballgame. He prepares well, as a No. 2 and even as a No. 3. I like his leadership, what he brings to the table as a quarterback, his demeanor and how he interacts with all the members of the offense and defense as well."

  • Edsall doesn't expect the team to be effected negatively at all by the departures of Endres and Kuaczea over the last two days. "It's already behind them," Edsall said. "I had a team meeting yesterday, and addressed that. A lot of times you get addition by subtraction. It's just unfortunate people given another opportunity didn't take advantage of that opportunity and see they didn't want to be committed or in one situation someone was very selfish and didn't learn from past experiences."

  • UConn is getting healthier, and Edsall said that will be reflected when the injury report comes out later today.


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