Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Early notes from Tuesday's press conference

The news and notes from Tuesday:
  • Edsall wouldn't elaborate on Kuraczea's decision. "I told the young man exactly what I was going to say in (today's) press conference, and I'm going to keep true to my word," Edsall said.

  • Edsall said he spoke with his team about his comments last week with regard to some players feeling a sense of entitlement. "Guys have to understand they aren't entitled to anything," Edsall said. "They have to earn it every day in practice."

  • There was one player -- Edsall didn't mention names -- who Edsall used as an example to us when speaking about the 'entitlement' issue. He mentioned leadership within the team. "We has a situation with one guy. He kind of got demoted, and he was wagging his tail like 'woe is me' instead of saying OK, I'm going to get my spot back and do the things I need to do," Edsall said. "You get some guys who might not be as mentally tough as they should be. They are weak mentally, and all of a sudden adversity sets in and instead of gearing it up, they're looking for the sympathy. They're looking for the easy way, something that's the path of least resistance. It comes down to those individuals, that they can't do that. We address it as coaches. It's the peers, and making sure they address it."

  • There's little room for error in the conference now for the Huskies, who could fall to 0-2 with a loss at Louisville Saturday. Historically, UConn hasn't played well in league games on the road. Asked if this was a sort of elimination game for them in the conference, Edsall said, "We need to get a win on the road, and we need to get a win in the Big East.

  • Lots of talk about the helmet-to-helmet hits in the NFL, and Edsall, the chairman of the NCAA football rules committee, mentioned the NCAA has the authority to suspend people if hits appear blatant. It can also be done after a booth review. The Big East has also reprimanded players to borderline dirty hits, to serve as a warning that they won't be tolerated. Edsall says he showed video of a recent hit where a conference player was reprimanded to let his players know what kinds of things they must avoid.

  • The football team painted the rock near one of the parking garages just after midnight on Sunday to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Jasper Howard's death. It's all while with "Live 365" painted in blue, the '6' in 365 dominating the image.

More to come soon...


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