Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Captains to be named, other tidbits from Tuesday

The final installation of my Tuesday practice trilogy...

  • Zach Frazer says he's been very impressed with Leon Kinnard. "He's young. But he really picks things up quickly," Frazer said.

  • Safety Marcus Aiken may see some time on both sides of the ball. He got some work on offense today. "I was watching the film...and said is there anyway we can make ourselves better," Edsall said. "If we can have guys help us both ways...if I see someone on the other side who can help us on the opposite side, that's what we got to do. We don't play til Sept. 4, and there's time to get guys ready."

  • Edsall said some of the offensive coaches wanted to switch Zach Hurd to tackle in the wake of the injuries at the position. He said no chance. "Mike Ryan has played a lot of football for us. We know what we can do," Edsall said. "Mike will be a starter for us, unless something unforeseen happens." Edsall instead decided, at first, to put Adam Masters at right tackle and Kevin Friend at left tackle. After seeing them work, Edsall switched the two, and he's been quite pleased with both of them. "I just know I'm glad I made the decision I made. I said we're going to play these two guys at tackle because I thought they had the ability to do it." Now, there's Masters, Jimmy Bennett and Greg McKee at left tackle with Ryan, Friend and Steve Brown on the right side.

  • Rough day for the secondary. Receivers made lots of plays, Shepperd ad Generett looked very good. But the secondary has some work to do, more specifically the backups. Lots of big plays that shouldn't have been big plays.

  • Captains will be announced Saturday. Sounds like there will be four. Sherman, Lutrus, and Frazer are locks. Jasper Howard would have been the fourth, another lock. The fourth will be Hurd, though it might be another defensive player to even it out. Dabney? Reyes? What do you think?

  • No format has been determined for Saturday yet, as far as scoring or teams. The defensive line being thinned out today could play a part, as can the weather forecast.

See you Saturday.


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