Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chicken pox for Trevardo; surgery for Polito

Last practice (for the media) before the spring game on Saturday. Time for the fastest 15 minutes in sports blogging...well, 15 for me to type. About a minute-five for you to read.
  • Defensive tackle Alex Polito got hurt Saturday, and the news isn't good. He had his arm in a sling today on the sidelines, and has a torn labrum. Surgery is Friday and, if all goes well, about 16 weeks recovery time. It could be 20. That puts Polito on the borderline to be back for preseason camp.

  • Trevardo Williams is in the UConn infirmiry with a case of the chicken pox. Williams, born in Jamaica, has had a vaccination. He's just unlucky. Edsall suggested to the team trainers that an inventory be taken to see who has and hasn't had chicken pox, and will hope there isn't a breakout in the next few says.

More to come...


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