Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Prepping for Rutgers

Couple football-related notes from today's press conference with Edsall.
  • Dave Teggart's job isn't in jeopardy. Edsall said the problem with his kicks was technique, his plant leg was angled wrong. "He's proven he can be a good kicker," Edsall said. "He just has to go out and kick." Desi Cullen is the backup, and he still kicks field goals in every practice. He's the punter only because Teggart shows he's the better kicker every week. Edsall also said there's no chance of burning freshman Chad Christen's redshirt.

  • Where has Marcus Easley been? I said back on Aug. 10 I thought Easley would lead the team in receptions (now patting myself on the back). The coaches didn't feel that way. "We knew he had the height, weight and speed, but he didn't have the consistent we wanted to see," Edsall said. Easley is looking more and more like an NFL-caliber receiver every game.

  • Spotted Sio Moore walking around the Shenkman Center in a protective boot.

  • Edsall was happy with both Dwayne Gratz and Blidi Wreh-Wilson on Saturday. "The play Gratz made early in the game when they tried to test him, that's as good a play we've seen made by a corner on a ball in the air," Edsall said. "For his first extended time playing, he passed. ... Blidi did a good job. He practiced, but was limited with that ankle. He went out and gutted it up and played well. Those two kids, as long as they, and I have no reason to think they wouldn't, keep their heads on straight and want to work, they got a chance to be good football players."

  • This question came up on the chat last week, and was addressed today by UConn director of sports communication Mike Enright. Rentschler Field will relax their policy on signs being brought into the stadium for Saturday's game against Rutgers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking back at your August 10 post revealed this gem:

Gotta love the ‘welcome to college football’ moments. During a one-on-one drill between receivers and defensive backs, 5-foot-7 corner Jasper Howard jammed 6-foot-5 true freshman receiver Malik Generett hard at the line of scrimmage. Generett couldn’t go anywhere, then spun to late to the outside to catch a pass. He missed. “C’mon Malik!” Howard woofed. “You’re 6-5, cuz!”

He really did play every play like it was the last play he'd ever play, didn't he? R.I.P.

October 27, 2009 7:22 PM 

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