Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scenes from practice.

Took a stroll up to see the start of practice. The team huddled around Reggie McClain, who barked out that the day was "all business". He also said, "We're going to beat West Virginia! You know why? Because he's looking down on us!"

The team then broke into it's stretching lines. An open space at the front row, far left, in front of McClain, remained empty. That's where Jasper Howard usually stood for stretching.

Edsall spent extra time talking to Kashif Moore and Jerome Junior during stretches. It was Kashif who held Howard in his arms after the stabbing, and Junior who made the phone call to alert the UConn coaching staff of the situation. Both participated in practice fully Tuesday.

Brian Parker was also at practice, though not in pads. Edsall also kneeled down to speak with him during stretching. In his jersey and shorts, he rode a stationary bike. Injured Kijuan Dabney, who spoke very eloquently to the media today, spoke with Parker while wearing a sweatshirt emblazoned with Howard's photo image on front and back. The back of the shirt read R.I.P. Jazzy. Dabney also held a pair of rosary beads in his hands.

An odd sight, but Joss Tillard wore a blue No. 6 practice jersey today. Tillard is playing scout team, and wore No. 6 simply because he is emulating West Virginia's No. 6 (tight end Will Johnson) in practice today.

We saw drills run normally for about 45 minutes. They worked on punt return (McClain looks like he'll replace Howard as the return man), tackling and positional drills. It appeared business as usual.


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