Saturday, October 31, 2009

Endres is done and other Rutgers postgame notes

Tough loss. Wow. Quick postgame notes.
  • Cody Endres will have surgery on his shoulder Sunday morning, and is expected to be out for the season. Edsall said he was told Endres' injury is similar to what sidelines Sam Bradford of Oklahoma. Bradford had a 45 minute surgery to repair ligaments in his AC joint, and is done for the year.

  • Marcus Easley had "a hip situation" after his TD reception, and wasn't on the field during the drive in which the Huskies took the lead. It isn't believed to be serious, as Easley came back and made a couple of receptions on the final drive of the game.

  • How about Tim Brown? One of Jasper Howard's best friends growing up in Miami -- they lived only a couple of houses apart, according to Brown -- he came through on two TD catches, including an 81-yarder with 22 seconds left on the play after the Huskies took the lead. He had referred to Howard as his best friend and brother, and had kind words on the field for several of Jazz's UConn pals on the field after the game.

  • Even more incredible on a day dedicated to Howard was that Kashif Moore and Michael Smith, the two who held a dying Howard that night outside the student center two weeks ago and took the death so hard Edsall questioned whether they'd even be able to play against West Virginia, came up huge on what would have been the winning drive. Smith, after dropping a pass, made a Willie Mays-like over-the-shoulder grab on a Frazer bomb. Four plays later, on 4th-and-5, Moore made a 32-yard catch and run to set up Jordan Todman's go-ahead TD with 38 seconds left. Moore dodged a tackler after making the catch, then faked another defender so badly he had to be helped off the field after the play.

  • Back to Brown's winning catch. Edsall said UConn had used the same coverage on Brown all game with some success. Robert McClain was on coverage, but Brown was able to slip behind to make the reception. Safety Aaron Basgby rotated over to help make the tackle, but took a poor angle and never got a hand on Brown, who outraced the defense 81 yards to paydirt. "It was a good throw and catch," Edsall said. "We had a young man who took a bad angle to the ball. We didn't make the tackle. We had our best guy on their best guy. The guy over the top has to come up and make the play. It was a coverage we used all day and had success with until the fourth quarter."

  • Edsall was asked if UConn should be 8-0 right now. "We're 4-4," he said. "We are what we are. Could we be 8-0? Yeah. But the reality is we're 4-4. The reality is we have to finish those off and make plays in order to win."

  • Teggart's problems revolve around him consistently planting his foot wrong, Edsall said.

  • Asked if his team is emotionally spent, Edsall said, "They're stunned. A lot of guys are very upset, and they should be." Said Todman, "It hurts. Over and over we've had the opportunity to win games. We're tired of losing. It's one of the worst feeling you can have."

  • The Mike Ryan 2-point conversion was called back because Frazer was ruled to have thrown a forward pass. Since Ryan lined up at tackle, he was only eligible for a lateral. Edsall apologized for his on-field blow-up, which put anything Earl Weaver ever did to shame. He also declined to get into whether or not he agreed with the call. The call came after a review. "The information I was getting was that people didn't think it was conclusive (enough to overturn)."


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