Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rainy Runway

We're here in the press box at the Runway, where the field is a little soggy. It's an intermittent drizzle this morning, expected to continue through the afternoon, so bring the umbrella.

Saw lots of Carolina blue making my way through the parking lots, and began to wonder if we might see an appearance from Michael Jordan on the sidelines. He was in Springfield, Mass. for his Hall of Fame induction last night, so it's possible. Of course, odds are he made a beeline for Mohegan Sun and has been in the high stakes poker room since 4 a.m.

Early word is receiver Michael Smith will be out of the lineup with an injury and Kendall Reyes is battling a bug. Scott Lutrus is on the sidelines in a sweatsuit, and is out of the lineup today.

EDIT: Looks like Smith will play.


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