Sunday, September 06, 2009

Following up Ohio

Inconsistent was the theme of the afternoon from Randy Edsall, who used the word frequently to sum up last night's win. "What bothered me most was the lack of consistency I saw out of individuals," Edsall said. "You see them do things rights one play, and a couple of plays later you run the same play and you don't see the same technique or fundamentals...All issues are correctable."

Some notes from Sunday's call.
  • Scott Lutrus has a stinger, and his status for next week is unknown. It's a situation where they have to see how he progresses each day, but it seems like he'll be OK. Sio Moore has a hamstring injury, and is out for this weekend. Edsall said he is week-to-week. Later, Edsall went on to say both players probably could have avoided being hurt had they used proper technique to tackle.
  • Game balls went to Andre Dixon (offense), Lindsey Witten (defense) and Robbie Frey (special teams). From last week, scout team players of the week were Steve Green (offense), Jerome Williams (defense) and Matt Edwards (ST).
  • Edsall said the interceptions weren't all on Zach Frazer. The wide receivers had problems getting to the proper depth on routes. Asked to judge Frazer's performance, Edsall used the word of the day. "Inconsistent," he said. "He did some positive things, and there were some things he didn't do so well." Edsall wouldn't get into Frazer's mechanics, when asked. "I'm not beating a dead horse," he said. "He was just inconsistent."
  • Edsall mentioned Andre Dixon's hard work, and that he actually was on the field longer (39 plays to 35) than Todman, but said Dixon was also "inconsistent."
  • Getting burned for a TD aside, Edsall said Jerome Junior played "a pretty good game." He was also pleased with Jesse Joseph and Trevardo Williams (a spark with the pass rush) at defensive end as well as Ryan Griffin at tight end. As for Dwayne Difton "you could tell it was his first game as a true freshman. Now, he has it under his belt."


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