Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Four days to O-hi-o

Crosby, Still and Nash is bedded into my brain today, thanks to this week's opponent. Here's an early rundown from Tuesday's media luncheon. I'll update later after speaking to players.
  • Edsall is pleased with Zach Frazer, who he said has performed well in the preseason, including the third scrimmage. "He's completely ready to go out and run the show and be a leader," Edsall said. "He got a lot better as the preseason went on, some of that is shaking off the rust from the summer."

  • Jordan Todman is 190 pounds, roughly 10 pounds heavier than he was last fall. Edsall said the added weight makes him tougher to bring down and will help him run inside the tackles. "He also understands the system better being in it for a year," Edsall said.

  • No new injuries to report. Bennett had surgery last week, and reports are he came through it in good shape.

  • In anticipation of a question regarding practice time -- Michigan players have really taken to Rich Rod, haven't they? -- Edsall had a copy of UConn's weekly schedule to present once the topic was broached. The Huskies have 19 hours, 35 minutes of mandatory work every week. That number includes three hours of game-time on Saturdays, and mandatory weight room sessions a few days a week. "You can get it done in 20 hours," Edsall said. "I don't know how you get more time out of them with what they have to do academically." Edsall admitted players need to do other things on their own if they want to be the best they can be, and many do extra film sessions and weight room time. But Edsall stressed that stuff isn't required.

  • What kind of a guy is Jerome Junior? Edsall said he learned early when Junior, in high school at the time, took a bus, by himself, from Baltimore to attend UConn's summer football camp. "That tells you something about the young man," Edsall said.

  • Frazer has had problems with concussions, but has showed no signs of "fuzziness". He needs to be smart when running the ball, getting out-of-bounds when he can or sliding when he does take off out of the pocket. "It's tough because he's from central Pennsylvania," Edsall said, showing no bias for players from his neck of the woods. "He's not going to back down from people."

  • Having Joe Moorehead help prepare for Ohio, a team UConn hasn't faced before, is a help. While at Akron, Moorehead played Ohio every year and knows its tendencies. But that only goes so far. "It's the first game, and they might do things differently," Edsall said.


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