Sunday, September 13, 2009

At least two weeks for Frazer, Griffin

I arrived home last night to find a trail of bird feathers in my driveway, leading up the stairs to our deck. There, I discovered a bird carcass that had been picked clean, likely by one of our neighbors 15 cats. Fairly drained after 11 hours spent at Rentschler Field, I wasn't about to clean that up at 9 p.m. But as I hit the sofa for a little TV, it sat there in the back of my mind: I had an dirty job to take care of that I certainly wasn't looking forward to. (And you're welcome for that lovely visual).

Then I realized the UConn coaches probably had the same thoughts about reviewing the North Carolina game film. There was some ugly stuff to take care of, something they wish they could make disappear, but also something they had to do.

Luckily, I woke up and walked out on the deck to see something had snatched the carcass in the middle of the night and dragged it off into the woods (at least I hope...with my luck, it's probably tucked inside my grill or festering under the recycle bin). All I had to do was hose some feathers away. Was the game film as bad as Randy Edsall expected? Yes and no.
  • Zach Frazer is out this week, and probably next week with a right knee injury, Edsall said. Cody Endres starts and Mike Box is the backup. No surgery is necessary, and it's not season-ending. But that's all Edsall would divulge. "He got hurt on the one play he scrambled, he came back and threw one high and that was the worst he threw all day," Edsall said. "He threw some good balls and was doing good things. It's disappointing to see that happen to him."
  • Ryan Griffin will also miss this week and probably next week with a back injury. No specifics from Edsall, other than no surgery is needed and he's expected back before the year is through. Corey Manning moves up to backup with John Delahunt the starter.
  • Scott Lutrus enters the week as questionable. Everyone else should be OK.
  • Possible changes coming at wide receiver, with someone entering the rotation, though Edsall wouldn't say who. Gerrard Sheppard? Malik Generett? Marcus Easley? Only the Shadow knows.
  • Edsall echoed much of what he stated in his postgame press conference. UConn battled hard, but was unable to make plays in critical situations in the fourth quarter when North Carolina did. "What hurt us was we had five 3-and-outs," Edsall said. "And four of those were in the second half."

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