Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wrapping up a busy Sunday

I may have just broken the world record for most phone calls made in a 45-minute span. I could use a Powerade right now. And a shower. Ever break a sweat talking on the phone? OK. I'm a bit woozy and rambling.

Feel free to scroll down to previous posts and see all the players with Connecticut ties who signed free agent contracts. Quite frankly, it's impressive. Four for UConn, one for Yale, and three state residents playing for other programs all latched on with NFL teams tonight. Add in two the two drafted players (Shaughnessy and Knighton), and that's 10 kids to the leagues today alone. Fourteen including the four Huskies' taken on Saturday. Wow. That just may be a record, too.

Julius was at his grandparent's house in Georgia, and he said it was a long day. "I expected to be drafted. But I'm not disappointed. This is a good opportunity. Jacksonville actually called a few picks before the draft ended. They said they couldn't draft me, but still wanted me as a free agent. I spoke to my agent, and we thought this was the best opportunity. My agent had calls from Jacksonville's GM and head coach, and seemed really interested. I had a good visit with them when I went down there, and I think I have a good chance to make the team."

Williams said Denver, San Diego, Atlanta and Green Bay also made free agent offers tonight.

Deleston said he had the Bears and Patriots on two different phone lines at the same time, both with offers. He felt the Pats were already stacked at his position, and that Chicago was the better fit. He thinks he can be a productive special teams player for the Bears.

Jacksonville plans to use Lorenzen as a tight end. He may need to bulk up about 30 or so pounds.


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