Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pats interested in Butler as a receiver? Maybe.

It took a while, but just got off the phone with Darius Butler. He said he got pretty nervous as the night wore on and his name wasn't called. "I expected to go anywhere from 15-40, and I went 41st," Butler said. "It was pretty crazy. But it's definitely exciting."

Butler said he spoke with several of the Pats big wigs when they called tonight, including Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft. The team was very interested over the past few months, and Belichick has said he loves Butler's athleticism.

Butler said he expects to play corner in New England, but someone (he can't recall who) from the team asked him about the possibility of playing wide receiver. "You know how the Patriots use their players, they like a lot of athletes in their system," Butler said. "But someone did ask me about playing receiver, though I doubt they'll put me in there."

While Butler didn't know who asked him about receiver (his mind, understandably, was racing) he said it definitely wasn't Belichick.

Will Beatty just went 60th to the Giants. Cody Brown at 63 to Arizona.


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