Saturday, April 25, 2009

An historic day for UConn

What a day for UConn football. Four players taken on day one of the draft. Only USC, with five, had more. Methinks this might be a bit more enticing as a recruiting tool for Randy Edsall and his staff than the International Bowl win over Buffalo. Just a hunch.

And there's more to come. I fully expect Julius Williams to be taken Sunday, with Dahna Deleston possibly sneaking in as well. That could give UConn six draft picks, more than the entire Division I-A era combined.

Edsall, who manages to give scholarships to kids none of the "big guys" want, summed it up perfectly on Saturday night.

"It's amazing," he said. "These kids, hardly anybody else recruited. You can take those rankings and throw them out the window. It's about finding kids with athletic ability, and work ethic and good character. If they're willing to buy into that, it's amazing what can be accomplished. Today was a testament to that."

Some other nuggets from Edsall tonight. He said he spoke at length with Colts president Bill Polian before the International Bowl, when Donald Brown was still on the fence about declaring early.

"There was one team that really wanted Donald, and they were nervous because they didn't think he would get to them with their pick," Edsall said. "They were concerned about Indianapolis, and lo and behold, Indianapolis took him. But I had spent a lot of time talking with Bill about Donald."

Edsall is excited Bill Belichick got Darius (and Butler is pumped, too), and very happy Will Beatty landed in New York. Edsall spoke with his mentor, Tom Coughlin, about both Will and Cody Brown, and said he was hoping one of them would go to the Giants when their second-round pick arrived.

As for Sunday, Edsall thinks Julius and Dahna get picked, and feels Keith Gray might have a shot at the draft, too. He also said Tyler Lorenzen and Steve Brouse could have opportunities to sign free agent contracts and get into camps somewhere.


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