Saturday, April 11, 2009

Discipline rules the day

Following up with the early edition of the Runway notes:
  • Lesson learned. Both Jasper Howard and Jordan Todman understood why they were booted today. Howard said he's glad it happened so him so the younger corners like Dwayne Gratz and Blidi Wreh-Wilson could see that kind of thing isn't tolerated. Todman echoed those sentiments. Randy Edsall's take: treat the scrimmages as a game. Both plays were worth 15-yard penalties, and could have cost a victory (Todman's more than Howard's. Edsall's problem with Howard was that it was an individualistic showboat). It didn't help that several high school coaches and players were watching. "It was a good teaching moment," Edsall said.

  • Injury updates: Jesse Joseph and Robbie Frey might be done for the spring with injuries. Joseph pulled a groin, Frey has a shoulder problem. Lutrus (strep) might be back by Tuesday. Mike Cox returned to the scrimmage, and should be fine. Robert Vaughn injured his neck about a week ago, and re-injured it Saturday. He'll be questionable. Also, former UConn baseball player Billy Ferriter, trying to make the squad as a walk-on, is out for the spring with a concussion.

  • Some of Edsall's comments regarding the scrimmage: Zach Frazer threw the ball "real well" and the offense was "much better today. Guys made a lot more plays." The defense "hurt themselves with penalties". The battle for the starting tackles is really something to watch. "Mike Ryan and Jimmy Bennett have earned the right to get more work and to see where they stand." The two younger players rotated in with incumbents Mike Hicks and Dan Ryan. Gary Bardzak also saw some time at center for the first team.

  • Some real positives today with the passing game. Frazer, playing with the first team, looked good. But the Moore receivers, Kashif and Isiah (we need a good nickname for them) were making things happen. Kashif had some nice runs after the catch. Isiah made at least one spectacular grab on a deep out, going over the cornerback to haul it in. Great athletic play, great body control.

  • Defensive notes: Jonathan Jean-Louis has been starting alongside Robert Vaughn at safety. Aaron Bagsby took over for Vaughn when he went down. Kijuan Dabney filled in for Lutrus today. Robert McClain made a pretty interception. Jerome Junior came up to crush Nate Sherr on a run late in the day.

  • Erik Kuraczea said he's getting his grades together, which has earned him more practice time of late. The former Ansonia star is working with the second team, but has his eye firmly on a starting position for the upcoming season. "I've been working to lose some weight, and I still need to get stronger." Kuraczea weighs 315 as of now, and is shooting for 300 by summer. As for his strength, he added 80 pounds to his squat and is now pushing up 680 pounds. His bench press is over 400 pounds.

  • Last week, I wondered how they'd handle the signage on I-84 if one basketball team won a title and the other didn't. Question answered. They've already got the 2009 national champions sign posted for the women. Sorry, men's team. That Final Four appearance just ain't gonna cut it around here. Let us know when you accomplish something worthwhile.(Sarcasm intended).

Happy Easter to everyone. See you Tuesday.


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