Friday, April 17, 2009

Captain quandary

Sitting here in the office ready to crank out a spring game preview for the paper, and started thinking about who might be named captains for the season. Figured I'd throw out a few names, and maybe get some input from you all.

There are 12 seniors (Dixon, Kanuch, Witten, Cullen, Ashmead, Easley, Vaughn, McClain, Dillon, Ryan, LaMagdelaine, Hicks).

Naming two offensive captains and two defensive captains seems to be the trend (even though there were 22 captains in 2007...maybe it was only six, seemed like more).

Defense is loaded with leaders, and it's hard to pick two. I trimmed it down to Witten and McClain, with Vaughn also a possibility, as is Lutrus if they decide to go with a junior. Offense is a little trickier. Make that a lot trickier. Tough to even guess where they might go since none of the seniors have starting jobs locked up as of yet. Would they name the punter a captain? Or Frazer, who also hasn't been named the starter yet? Or Dixon, whose been suspended twice for violating team rules in the last two years? Or Easley, a walk-on?

I'm baffled.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tough for us to pick the captains because we're not around the team as much and really don't know who the true leaders are. But, I'll give a shot anyway.

First, on D - I'll go with Witten and McClain. Not sure why, but why not.

On the Offensive side, I'll start with Kanuch. The kid was bitten by the injury bug seemingly his entire career. But the kid never quit and always worked hard. That's good enough for me. The other one, I'll go with Dixon. Sure, he's been suspended more than once and sure, last year was a forgotten man. But from all accounts, he's returned this year with a great mindset. And has worked extremely hard. He's taken responsibiltiy for his actions and can use his own story to motivate some of the younger kids. His perseverance and dedication should be rewarded.

April 17, 2009 12:30 PM 
Blogger Jim said...

Let me be the first to say the name Moe Petrus as a captain. Forget he's only a sophomore. He's older and proved he's a team player by moving to center after an AA year at guard.

Through in Lutrus and Whitten and there's 3.


April 17, 2009 1:16 PM 

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