Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nice day for a spring game

We're back at Rentschler Field for the first time since last November's 30-7 victory over Syracuse. The weather's perfect, though the field is in it's typical shabby condition.

Couple of pre-game notes: Seymour's Mike Hicks has been grounded by coach Randy Edsall, and won't be playing today. He's not suspended, we've been told, but he is not allowed to take part in team activities for two weeks for a rules violation. Today is part of his punishment. No word on whether he was sent to his room without dessert today.

-- The 2007 Meineke Car Care Bowl banner has been hung beneath the press box at the Runway. No unveiling ceremony, which is understandable. At least the banner isn't stamped "participant", like those ribbons they gave all the kids who didn't win during Field Day in elementary school.

-- We're still 45 minutes before kickoff, but it has the makings of a sparse crowd today. I'd be surprised if they break 10,000, especially considering there's about 35 in the stands now.

-- Some clown across the street from the Silver Lane entrance to the Runway was holding a sign offering parking on his front lawn for the low, low price of just $10. I resisted the urge to roll down my window and inform him, oh, so delicately, that parking is free at the stadium this afternoon. Maybe someone can whip up a batch of fake tickets to see if this guy wants to scalp them.

-- Seating is open in the press box today, except for one slot. Leigh Torbin marked a place for Randy Smith of the Manchester Journal-Inquirer, who passed away last week. We'll all be thinking of you, Randy.


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