Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ask and you shall receive.

Not a lot of questions or comments this spring. Here's a question that can maybe help kick start a few mailbags:

Question: Chip, nice report. Americans love lists and rankings - any chance we could get a top 5 most competitive position battles list? Any player who has really surprised you thus far?
-- Huskypantz

Answer: Huskypantz, you must be a regular reader because there's no better way to get me to spring into action than to ask me for a top 5 list...on any topic. Here you go:

Top 5 position battles this spring
  1. Strong safety: Kijuan Dabney and J.J. Louis are pretty close. Randy Edsall mentioned he's mulling changes on the depth chart that could be announced as soon as Tuesday. I think Kijuan still has a slight edge, but this one could be up for grabs right up until the week before the Hofstra opener.
  2. Wide receiver: Kanuch and D.J. seem to be locked in, even though neither is practicing. The battle for the No. 3 spot should really heat up once the true freshmen arrive. You'll have the Moore's, Marcus Easley, Sheppard and Smith and Parker all vying for time.
  3. Kicker: Tony Ciaravino and Dave Teggart: Tony is the incumbent and coming off a nice year. Teggart has a stronger leg. We may ultimatley see a platoon.
  4. Right cornerback: Robert McClain and Terry Baltimore. Only because Terry is coming off a strong practice.
  5. Offensive line: There's nothing to base performance this spring on, aside from a few minutes of a controlled scrimmage on Saturday. But Gary Bardzak and Mike Ryan (who is a giant) could make their case to play very soon.

I can't really say anyone's performance has been a surprise so far, but there seems to be a lot of depth on defense. I see that unit being the strength of the team once again.

Keep the questions coming.


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