Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Notes from the penultimate spring practice

Gotta cherish any opportunity to use the word "penultimate". Go ahead. Sprinkle it into your conversation tonight or tomorrow morning. You'll feel like you've accomplished something.

Really not much in the way of news today, as it was an Edsall no-speak practice.

  • There was a guy named Derrick Foster on the roster. Been there since last fall. I found that out only because he was arrested early Sunday morning outside the UConn student center, charged with criminal trespass and breach of peace. He's a walk-on, redshirt freshman from Newark, N.J. who was somewhere down the depth chart at corner back behind Darius Butler and Jasper Howard.

  • Tyler Lorenzen didn't practice, though he was throwing the ball around pretty well during breaks in the practice. Don't expect him to play Saturday.

  • There was another Tyler Lorenzen in attendance today. An 8-year old from the area sent the Huskies QB an email earlier this spring, telling him he was a UConn fan also named Tyler Lorenzen. Quarterback Tyler invited mini Tyler to practice today, then gave him a guided tour of the practice facility afterward. A really nice gesture.

  • Rob Lunn was in full pads and practicing today after what appeared to be a rolled ankle during practice on Saturday.

  • Pretty exciting 2-minute drills today. Donald Brown broke off a 50-plus yard touchdown run, mocking linebacker Scott Lutrus as he made his way into the end zone, just minutes before Eric Muchette hauled in a similarly distanced touchdown pass. D.J. Hernandez looked pretty nimble sprinting down to give him a chest-bump.

  • Kijuan Dabney and Jonathan Jean-Louis are getting most of the reps. But Hamden's Jameson Davis is working hard to earn some playing time at strong safety this spring. He's hoping to make enough of an impression during Saturday's spring game to make the coaches' decision that much harder come fall. Check tomorrow's Register for more on Davis.

  • I forgot my wallet, but Leigh Torbin and Neill Ostrout chipped in to buy me a post-practice Coke. I am eternally in their debt.

  • Avoid "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" at all costs. Unfunny, unoriginal and the topper: full-frontal male nudity. The eject button on the Malafronte family DVD player was hit in world record time. C'mon, John C. Reilly. You're better than that.


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