Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Donald Brown will play against Louisville

Because of the short week, UConn has pushed up Randy Edsall's Thursday teleconference to today. Wasn't expecting much happened in a day, but it was fairly informative.

  • Donald Brown is now "95 percent", and will definitely see action against Louisville. Andre Dixon will start, but Edsall said Donald will play and is hoping to get something from him.
  • Lawrence Green is also better. Alex LaMagdelaine will still get the start, but Green, out the last six weeks, has made a lot of progress. "He's closer to the point where he can be getting full-time game reps," Edsall said.
  • Edsall also addressed why he's handled injury reports so secretly. He says is was a collective decision between himself, the team trainer and doctor to be as private as they can regarding specifics of injuries. He cited the HIPAA laws which protect a patients privacy. Edsall wasn't asked, he just said this is why we're doing this. I appreciate that.
  • Paper work is already being filed to attempt to get Aaron Bagsby a medical redshirt. Bagsby was injured early on in the season (it was a shoulder), only played in the Duke game and is out for the rest of this season.
  • Edsall said another player on the two-deep was hurt in practice Tuesday. He declined to name who, or how severe, but said "it shouldn't really affect us (against Louisville)."

So that's that. On an unrelated note, exactly one person asked about the pictures I took on the Virginia trip and why they haven't been posted. So Wayne Norman, here you go.

Since I flew into Washington D.C. and was driving to Charlottesville Friday, I decided to make a detour to see Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington, which is only about 15 minutes from Reagan Airport. My Hertz-issued GPS seemed to have trouble pinning down the most direct route, however so it took me closer to an hour to get there. The front lawn was groomed for lawn bowling (predecessor of modern day cookout staples like jarts and bocce). The lawn was big enough to play host to the UConn-Virginia football game.

The front of the mansion, just the way George left it. They give tours of the inside, but no photos allowed. Too bad, because it's pretty neat. Lots of original furniture and wall decor. No bathroom, however.

The back porch, where the general and his wife barbecued and sunbathed (I assume) with an incredible view.

View of the Potomac from the back yard. Mount Vernon is something like 8,000 acres, most of which was farmland (where George, an innovative farmer, made most of his scratch). But they knew how to take advantage of the scenery.

All you need is this chair, that view, and a cigar to make for a gloriously lazy afternoon

The original tomb where Washington and his wife were laid to rest. Even before his death in 1799, Washington knew he wanted a better tomb and had commissioned a newer and bigger one to be built elsewhere on the massive grounds of Mount Vernon.

The new tomb, where Washington and wife Martha were moved around 1831. Every day, they open the steel gate for a wreath ceremony. I happened to be there at the right time. George Washington is in the tomb on the right, in the sunlight. Martha is on the left. It wasn't nearly as creepy as this photo may indicate, but it was moving to be there.

An empty Scott Stadium. Notice part of the grass incline with festival seating behind the far end zone. That really got packed. I'd have posted a few shots of a full stadium, but unfortunately, my camera's battery crapped out right after this photo.


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