Saturday, October 27, 2007

Biggest win in UConn football history: the aftermath.

This postgame blogging may eventually kill me. It's like going 15 rounds with Apollo Creed, then finding out there's still a couple more rounds left.

  • Did you see Randy Edsall waving his arms like a mad man to help whip the crowd into a frenzy near the end of South Florida's time out? He may need rotator cuff surgery in the offseason.
  • Randy also apologized profusely for using "bad language" during his live postgame interview on ABC. He said he just got caught up in the emotion. From all accounts, Randy simply said "It was a hell of a win." What is this? Mayberry? Gee whiz, Randy. A priest wouldn't require a single Hail Mary for that non-slip of the tongue.
  • Huge play for Greg Robinson on the Grothe boot leg. Robinson has a limited role that doesn't give him much glory, but that was as big a defensive stop as there's ever been in Uconnland.
  • There must have been 40 media members surrounding Jim Levitt outside the USF locker room after the game. I was on the outside, but was told he answered every question with one word responses. Yes. No. Warrior (when asked about Matt Grothe). That's my Leavitt.
  • Fans came up huge once again. They were loud against Louisville, and loud again today. Maybe a lesson was learned on how effective a 12th man they can be from that Virginia game two weeks ago. At any rate, bravo to you all.
  • I wondered why security guards even bothered to try and stop the kids jumping out of the student section and onto the field after the game. There were 10,000 other people already on the field, and security was trying to randomly grab kids. No one went for the goal posts, so let them have their fun.
  • Andre Dixon. Wow.
  • I haven't studied the scores from around the country yet, but I'll take a stab. UConn could climb to 15 in the BCS and just might break 20 (19?) in the AP poll on Sunday.

See you Sunday.


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