Friday, April 13, 2007

It's O vs. D at Blue-White game

Let's get this straight. Half the state of Louisiana and folks in parts of Arkansas, Texas, Florida, Michigan and Indiana can see tomorrow's spring game on television, but no Connecticutters south of Cheshire will be able to watch? I know, I know. Free admission and free parking should bring most folks who are interested out to the Runway to see for themselves. Just seems odd, that's all.

The format for the game will be tweaked a bit. It's offense vs. defense, with some modified scoring changes that will make the game seem a little more like a skills challenge. The offense can score the traditional six points for a touchdown, three for field goals and one for extra points. They'll also get a point for every first down. The defense gets six for touchdowns, but to make it even they will also get three points for turnovers and three-and-outs, two for drive stops and one for every sack -- two-hand touch sack, I presume. Expect a final score of around 87-79.

Supposedly, there are a lot of other programs that use non-traditional scoring for the spring game. It's kind of a necessary evil at UConn this season since a team quarterbacked by Dennis Brown would be favored by about 50 points over the one led by freshman walk-on Matt Vollono.

I have no problems with this. No one cares who wins or loses anyhow. It's a live scrimmage that gives fans a chance to see things like how far Brown has come since the fall of 2005, the play of the offensive line and D.J. Hernandez at wide receiver. Should be a nice day with temps in the low 50s. See you there.


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