Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ten down, five to go: Tuesday's practice recap

A few obervations and reports from Tuesday's practice session.

  • In his first practice as a wide receiver, D.J. Hernandez took two monster hits from Darius Butler...the kind that get paused, rewound and played again in slo-motion during film sessions over and over again to whoops and hollers. One week later, D.J. dished out a little punishment. He buried safety Aaron Bagsby with a sick downfield block, drawing cheers from the team. Injured Dan Davis, watching from the sidelines, had the loudest response. "He's coming for you next!" he said, pointing to Butler. Here's hoping D.J. gets to run the rewind control himself during the film review of that play.

  • Today was Connecticut native day for postgame interview sessions. Well, for those Connecticut natives who haven't yet been called upon to speak to the media. So while Hernandez was again unavailable, walk-ons like Joe Hartigan (Manchester) and Alex Folsom (New Haven) were fair game. By the way, what's the proper term for a native of Connecticut. Connecticutian? Connecticutter? Someone get Governor Rell on the horn.

  • Actually, Tuesday's Connecticut day did provide the chance to speak with Hamden's Jameson Davis, a former Wisconsin defensive back now trying to walk-on to the Huskies. Davis is a good guy to talk to, and was very up front about his past transgressions. He's thrilled to be getting the chance to play again, even if it's in a reserve role and perhaps special teams. More on Jameson in Wednesday's Register.

  • Coach Edsall wasn't happy with Tuesday's effort, and it wasn't hard to see why. There were quite a few fumbles, which came in just about every variety. The center-quarterback snap, the quarterback-running back exchange, wide receivers running after the catch...you name it, there was a fumble for it.

  • No need to talk about Luke Cox, Edsall said. He's gone, end of story. Anthony Davis will handle all the fullback duties until incoming freshman Anthony Sherman arrives to help out over the summer. You won't see Lou Allen moved back (and that's a good thing...Lou has been great this spring and will see plenty of time spelling Donald Brown at tailback)... "We're not moving anyone else to fullback," Edsall said.

  • Glen Mourning has frustrated Edsall over the past two seasons with his unwillingness to practice through what I can only assume are minor injuries. Those days may be over. Since Edsall admonished Mourning at practice last week, the Danbury resident has been full speed, which the coaches need him to be to evaluate his progress. "I think the day I told him he should go play tiddleywinks, I think that hit home with him because since that time he's been out here practicing pretty hard," Edsall said. "I think that's when he got the message. Loud and clear. Since that time I've seen a different person."

See you Thursday after practice.


Anonymous FillTheRent said...

Nice report Chip. Seems like Bagsby is getting a nice welcome.

I've always referred to myself as a Connecticutian! But others call themselves Nutmeggers.

April 03, 2007 9:18 PM 

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