Thursday, April 12, 2007

Final tuneup before Blue-White

I logged onto the internet following UConn practice tonight and was as shocked as anyone at the big news story. Yes, Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora have finalized their divorce. Stunning.

OK, I'm sitting here in Gampel Pavilion at 7:15 and I have to pick up the wife from work at 8:30 in New Haven so the notes will be quick. Luckily, I work well under pressure.

  • Defensive linemen Mike Cox and Lindsay Witten showed up with Mohawks at practice, while Rob Lunn sported racing stripes shaved into the side of his head, emulating Arsenio Hall (minus the fade) circa 1989. Actually, I think Michael Irvin still rocks the stripes. Turns out the d-linemen gave each other the hair-don'ts last night. The Mohawk wouldn't have worked for Lunn, a little light on top to begin with, and he just wanted a way to participate. “(Cox) said I don’t have enough hair for anything else,” said Lunn, looking quite aerodynamic. “His exact quote was ‘now you look like you’re in flight’.” More on Arsenio Lunn in tomorrow's Register.

  • Lunn, a fun guy to listen to, loves what he's seen out of his fellow linemen (in terms of play, not hairstyles). "From day 1 to day 15, there's been a lot of progress," he said. "Alex Polito for instance ... I can't even describe it. He came out here and didn't know any plays, didn't know what he was doing, didn't even know how to lineup. Now he's out here making plays, lining up, checking calls." He also praised Cox, whose put on 25 pounds of muscle and has a non-stop motor, as well as Brandon Dillon and Lindsey Witten.

  • Dan Davis on the defensive line "We came along very well. The moves have helped a lot. Julius now at end, and me inside, we became more athletic and can do more things."

  • Edsall said the team has voted for captains, and he will tally the votes tonight with his 13-year old son. My money is on Davis, Lansanah and Donald Thomas.

  • Rosters and format for the spring game will be announced today.
And to finish up, practice ended with some fun and, as always, a moral to the story.

Edsall ended Thursday’s practice by telling the Huskies that if kicker Tony Ciaravino converted a 56-yard field goal, the team wouldn’t have to run their sprints.

Ciaravino got off a solid kick, but it sailed wide left at the last instant. As the team headed to the sideline to begin the sprint, Edsall heard cornerback Darius Butler murmur ‘double or nothing’.

So Edsall called the team back out to midfield. He was giving Ciaravino another chance, though not everyone was happy. Edsall heard some players doubting the kicker would come through, leaving them with double the sprints.

But Ciaravino blasted the lengthy kick through the uprights and igniting a celebration among the Huskies and providing Edsall a chance to teach a lesson about believing in one another.

“It was a great teaching moment for me from the standpoint that I could say ‘hey, you have to relish the opportunities you get and have a belief and a trust in each other that guys are going to do it.’ Tony making the kick helped me from a teaching standpoint.”

Whew. It's 7:35. Gotta move.


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