Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering Sept. 11

I remember that morning five years ago like it was yesterday.
I remember being jolted awake by the phone.
I remember being half asleep hearing my mother's voice say "they bombed the World Trade Center and the Pentagon".
I remember turning on the TV, seeing the two towers billowing like smoke stacks, only seconds before the first tower came crumbling down.
I remember the fear, the sorrow, thinking of the people inside and their families watching it all on live TV just like me.
I remember the memorial services for the firefighters and police officers who gave their lives trying to save others.
I remember the country coming together in the days that followed, everyone helping each other overcome their grief.
I remember the patriotism, driving to work and seeing dozens and dozens of people lining the streets of New Haven, waving flags as the cars drove past.
I remember thinking life would never be the same.
I'll always remember 9/11/01.


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