Thursday, August 31, 2006

Game time!

My surgery on Monday went pretty smooth, aside from the fact that after shaving away half of my medial meniscus the doctor noticed I had no ACL. That was fun news to wake up to on the operating table. But I'm putting off that surgery until after football season. After three days of incapacitation on my couch -- I may never watch TV Land or SportsCenter again -- I can't take another day being cooped up.

So I tossed the crutches in the closet and am heading to the game tonight even though Sean O'Rourke is handling the stories for the paper. I'll be writing exclusively for the blog. Since I don't have to worry about deadlines, or anything else for that matter, I decided to write a running diary to document the opener against Rhody. Although I'm limping around like Redd Foxx, it will be a chance to experience the Runway game day experience a little differently for once.

I'll post my diary when the game ends...


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