Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Marvin's legal woes, Applebaum's power and Sirius radio

For those who may have missed it, the big story coming out of Tuesday's media luncheon was safety Marvin Taylor's arrest for making purchases with an illegally obtained credit card number. Here's the link: Marvin's arrest

On Wednesday, UConn announced Taylor had been suspended indefinitely pending legal action. He will continue to go to classes, but will not participate in anything football related. The school had no further comment. Taylor is due in Rockville court on Tuesday. Expect Allan Barnes to start against Indiana.

The bigger issue here is how this will all affect Taylor's future on the team. If the allegations are true, it would be strike two for Taylor, who was arrested last spring along with a handful of other players in the infamous pellet gun incident in Willimantic. Taylor was granted accelerated rehabilitation and two years probation by a Superior Court judge along with Donta Moore and Tyvon Branch. So Taylor's already had his second chance. Will Randy Edsall give him a third?

Eleswhere Tuesday, a couple of reporters met with Terry Caulley before the media lunch (and Terry's class) began. He said he is fine, and will be ready for the Indiana game after an injury sidelined him late against Wake Forest Saturday. Caulley said he was advised to come out of the game and taken to the hospital as a precaution for excruciating pain shooting through his midsection and ribcage. Everything checked out, and he practiced Sunday and Tuesday.

Edsall said offensive lineman Matt Applebaum is the strongest player at UConn. Applebaum, when asked, confirmed it. How strong is the 6-foot-3, 292-pound guard? At the end of the summer he power cleaned 325, bench pressed 460 and squatted 600. Not too shabby. This got me curious, so for the heck of it I checked up on the world records. A man in California named Scot Mendelson benched 1,008 pounds in February, though he was wearing a special shirt to help bounce the weight off his chest. The same cat holds the "raw" bench press record at 715 pounds. Insane.

On a side note, I recently got Sirius satellite radio and had it installed in my car to make the 2 1/2-hour, round trip drive to Storrs a bit more bearable. The problem is I'm getting a lot of static and interference. Anyone else have this problem or a solution?

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Blogger Rich said...

For the Sirius problem...

Go into the menu and set your receiver at a different FM frequency...I use 87.9 FM...

September 21, 2006 10:11 AM 
Blogger Dominic said...

Change the FM frequency that you're listening to Sirius through. The one you are using might have a strong local broadcast signal that is interfering. Actually, you should program 4 or 5 FM frequencies that you can switch between as you travel, or as other drivers near you with Sirius use the same frequency and interfere. Use frequencies low on the dial, but watch out for the local NPR stations, which usually have a strong broadcast signal. Hope this helps.

September 21, 2006 10:58 AM 

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