Monday, August 21, 2006

Mailbag Part I

The mailbag was a success. I received several inquiries over the last few days, and some of them even dealt with UConn football. This is a dead week for media access (aside from a teleconference tomorrow), so I'll split up the numerous questions in multiple parts and post them over the course of the week.

Question: Would like to know about our back up situation along the trenches, both OL & DL… Do we have a chance to “shock” people this year with adequate depth this time around?
-- Kenneth Tucker (UConn '93), Bridgeport.

CM: It's tough to gauge, but Randy Edsall hasn't been heaping praise upon his offensive lineman in the preseason. It's not like he said anything bad about them, either. But it seems to imply they still have some work to do. Depth on the defensive line isn't great thanks to some injuries. Jason Ward is out for a while, Gary Mack is slowed by turf toe, Rob Lunn has had hamstring issues. Edsall would like to use a four man rotation at defensive end and defensive tackle, but health could be a concern.

Question: I have the fourth pick in my NFL fantasy football draft next week. Who should I take?
-- Lee, West Haven

CM: Assuming Larry Johnson, Shaun Alexander and LaDainian Tomlinson go 1-2-3 like they should, grab Edgerrin James and don't think twice. With Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald at wide receiver, opposing defenses won't be able to stack up against the run. James' numbers will hold up, even with a weaker offensive line. Tiki Barber is 31 and doesn't get goal line carries. Plus, he burned me two years ago and I'm not above holding a grudge.

Question: Have you seen the new football facilities yet? Are they totally done? Thanks.
-- Zack

CM: I have seen it and it is spectacular. It isn't finished yet, but more and more things are being completed on a daily basis. It's the most impressive college facility I've seen, with the exception of Engelstad Arena, home of the University of North Dakota hockey program (if you're ever in Grand Forks, N.D., check it out. You'd have to, there's nothing else there).

Question: What do you think UConn's record will be this season, and if they can make a bowl game where will they go?
-- Joseph H., Seymour

CM: I'll hold back on my prediction for the Huskies' record. I'm planning to break down the schedule and make an official prognostication sometime before the URI game. However, I think they will qualify for a bowl game. So get your passports in order now (not a bad idea, as of Jan. 1 you'll need one to get into Canada), because it will be the International Bowl in Toronto on Jan. 6.

Keep the questions coming. This could turn into a regular feature.

Next update: Tuesday.


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