Saturday, August 26, 2006

Call me Kreskin

I'll make predictions on just about anything. And I mean anything. I'm the guy hiding in the bushes at the golf course betting $50 that the Smails kid picks his nose. Double or nothing on whether or not he eats it? You're on. Want to know what's going to happen in the final eight episodes of "The Soprano's" next year? I've already formulated an opinion. Your 2006 NFL Most Valuable Player? None other than Jake Delhomme (with DeAngelo Williams giving Reggie Bush a serious run as rookie of the year). Academy Award winners? Sure. Doesn't matter if I've seen the movie or not. That's why I have no problem predicting the final records of every team in the Big East this season, even though at this point I've seen nothing aside from a handful of UConn practices. Just keep that in mind while you're firing off that email telling me what an idiot I am.

9/2: Eastern Kentucky. (Win)
9/8: Pittsburgh. (Loss)
9/16: at Ohio State. (Loss).
9/23: at Virginia Tech. (Loss).
9/30: Miami (Ohio). (Loss).
10/7: Akron. (Win).
10/14: at Louisville. (Loss).
10/22: South Florida. (Loss).
10/28: Syracuse. (Win).
11/11: at West Virginia. (Loss).
11/18: Rutgers. (Loss).
11/25: at UConn. (Loss).

9/3: Kentucky. (Win).
9/9: at Temple. (Win).
9/16: Miami (Fla.) (Loss).
9/23: at Kansas State. (Win).
10/6: at Middle Tennessee State. (Win.)
10/14: Cincinnati. (Win).
10/21: at Syracuse. (Win).
11/2: West Virginia. (Win, 2 OT).
11/9: at Rutgers. (Win).
11/18: South Florida. (Win.)
11/25: at Pitt. (Loss)
12/2: UConn. (Win).

9/2: Virginia. (Loss).
9/8: at Cincinnati. (Win).
9/16: Michigan State. (Loss).
9/23: The Citadel. (Win).
9/30: Toledo. (Win).
10/7: at Syracuse. (Win).
10/13: at Central Florida. (Win).
10/21: Rutgers. (Loss).
11/4: at South Florida. (Loss).
11/11: at UConn. (Win).
11/16: West Virginia. (Loss).
11/25: Louisville. (Win).

9/2: at North Carolina. (Loss.)
9/9: Illinois. (Win).
9/16: Ohio. (Win).
9/23: Howard. (Win).
9/29: at South Florida. (Win).
10/14: at Navy. (Win).
10/21: at Pitt. (Win).
10/29: UConn. (Win).
11/9: Louisville. (Loss).
11/18: at Cincinnati. (Win).
11/25: Syracuse. (Win).
12/2: at West Virginia. (Loss).

9/2: McNeese St. (Win).
9/9: Florida International. (Win).
9/16: at Central Florida. (Loss).
9/23: at Kansas. (Loss.)
9/29: Rutgers. (Loss).
10/7: UConn. (Win).
10/14: at North Carolina. (Loss).
10/22: at Cincinnati. (Win).
11/4: Pitt. (Win).
11/11: Syracuse. (Win).
11/18: at Louisville. (Loss).
11/25: at West Virginia. (Loss).

9/2: at Wake Forest. (Loss).
9/9: Iowa. (Loss).
9/16: at Illinois. (Loss).
9/23: Miami-Ohio. (Win).
9/30: Wyoming. (Win).
10/7: Pitt. (Loss).
10/14: at West Virginia. (Loss).
10/21: Louisville. (Loss).
10/28: at Cincinnati. (Loss).
11/11: at South Florida. (Loss).
11/18: UConn. (Loss).
11/25: at Rutgers. (Loss).

9/2: Marshall. (Win).
9/9: Eastern Washington. (Win).
9/14: Maryland. (Win).
9/23: at East Carolina. (Win).
10/7: at Mississippi State. (Win).
10/14: Syracuse. (Win).
10/20: UConn. (Win).
11/2: at Louisville. (Loss, 2 OT).
11/11: Cincinnati. (Win).
11/16: Pitt. (Win).
11/25: South Florida. (Win).
12/2: Rutgers. (Win).

8/31: Rhode Island. (Win).
9/16: Wake Forest. (Win).
9/23: at Indiana. (Win).
9/30: Navy. (Win).
10/7: at South Florida. (Loss).
10/14: Army. (Win).
10/20: West Virginia. (Loss).
10/29: at Rutgers. (Loss).
11/11: Pitt. (Loss).
11/18: at Syracuse. (Win).
11/25: Cincinnati. (Win).
12/2: at Louisville. (Loss).

There you have it. For the record, I did this before last season and hit only one team's schedule right on the money week-for-week (UConn), while I was way, way off on South Florida, Pitt and Syracuse. So take it for what it is. Of course, I fully intend to hedge my bets here by making weekly predictions on each conference game, taking injuries and other things into account.

Be sure and pick up a copy of Sunday's New Haven Register. There will be a full UConn/Big East football preview page. You can also check out my second annual ranking of the top 10 minor league baseball prospects from Connecticut.


Anonymous Lynch said...

You only have RU with 3 losses, but list them at 8-4.

August 27, 2006 11:56 AM 
Blogger Chip Malafronte said...


August 27, 2006 12:21 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't see Uconn losing to Rutgers again this year.

August 28, 2006 9:57 PM 
Anonymous Big Al said...

I can't see Rutgers losing a game this year.

August 30, 2006 5:22 PM 

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