Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Interesting last week for the Shirreffs family

The quarterbacking Shirreffs brothers certainly are taking the concept of sharing experiences to a new level.

A handful of major college football games were called off due to the expected impact of Hurricane Irma in the state of Florida and it just so happened that two of the teams left with an unplanned bye week were Bryant Shirreffs' UConn squad as well as Miami (Fla.), which happens to utilize his younger brother Evan as the No. 2 quarterback.

"It is interesting actually being in opposite parts of the country," Bryant Shirreffs said. "I was actually thinking about that today (Tuesday), what are the odds? It is something you have to roll with. I don't think we are making up the game but that is something we can't worry about right now."

Bryant Shirreffs' mother Lisa came up to Connecticut and spent a few days with him while Evan had to leave Miami when the storm was due to hit and spent time in his Jefferson, Georgia home with his father.

"She was here for a little while, she wasn't evacuated, she was going to come up for the game anyway," Shirreffs said. "We got to spend some quality time together and she flew back this morning.

My brother evacuated to Georgia and my dad is there. My family is safe, thoughts and prayers go out to everybody in Florida and I hope that recovery, I know it is going to take a while, but I hope it is a successful one."

The area where the Shirreffs brothers grew up did have to deal with some nasty weather although nothing close to what took place in Florida.

"Compared to Florida it was minimal but the power was out yesterday for a majority of the day and
the wind was really strong, heavy rains, trees, debris and maybe power lines were falling but I don't think there was severe flooding," Shirreffs said on Tuesday.

The two brothers began the season as backups but both got into season-opening wins.

Bryant replaced David Pindell and led the Huskies to a win over Holy Cross. Evan, a sophomore at Miami, came in with the Hurricanes comfortably ahead of Bethune-Cookman. He completed 1 of 2 passes for 16 yards in his first live game action at Miami.

"That was awesome. It was cool to see, I am really proud of him," Bryant Shirreffs said. "I remember giving him a hard time on the practice field in Jefferson, Georgia. He has surprised me a lot and I am really proud of him. I thought he handled himself very well, he was calm and collected, he did a really good job so I am proud of him."


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