Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Myers, Joseph, Thompson named game day captains for UConn's opener

When I received an email that Randy Edsall would be available via conference call today (and two days before every game) my first thought was that I didn't have much else to ask him since we had as much time with the UConn football coach as we needed on Sunday. Well, add that to the growing list of times when I was wrong.

There was quite a bit to come out of the conference call that ended not too long ago.

First, he said that Tommy Myers (offense), Junior Joseph (defense) and Jason Thompson (special teams) will be game captains for Thursday's season opener against Holy Cross. He also said that Kyle Buss was named the offensive and special teams scout team player of the week with Aaron Garland being named defensive scout team player of the week. Speaking of Buss, it's been on my radar to ask Edsall if he would be eligible this season after transferring in from Robert Morris. I finally got around to asking that question today.

"Right now no but we are trying to investigate every way possible to see if there is an opportunity for that," Edsall said. "He's a guy that has really shown me a lot so far in terms of what I've seen during preseason. We are trying to see if there is an avenue or possibility that maybe he could be eligible."

I happened to see Eli Thomas' tweet that he is enrolled at UConn not long before the conference call started. Originally the Lackawanna College linebacker was supposed to be a part of next year's recruiting class. Edsall confirmed that Thomas is indeed enrolled at UConn and has joined the team.

"He is here now, got in here a couple days ago," Edsall said. "We are excited to have him here now and have him part of the program. It is good to have him here."

The next question, of course, was whether he was considering playing somebody who wasn't here for preseason camp.

"He won't be playing this year," Edsall said.

I also saw a release about walk-on tryouts. Those took place today with nine UConn students taking part. Edsall said four of them are expect to join the team but since he hasn't notified the players yet, he wasn't going to reveal the names of the players to us and have them find out based on our social media posts. UPDATE: The Notre Dame (W.H.) Football Twitter account posted that former ND receiver Justin Morehead is one of the four. Morehead had 29 catches for 400 yards and five touchdowns as a senior.

Finally, nothing has changed in terms of who will be the punter so it sounds like a true game-time decision while there's nothing new in the injury department with linebackers Vontae Diggs, E.J. Levenberry and defensive lineman Philippe Okounam the players who will be out on Thursday.


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