Tuesday, August 30, 2016

UConn's Tyler Davis adjusting quickly at new position

When Tyler Davis was working out with the tight ends at the first preseason practice the media was allowed to watch I wasn't quite sure what to expect. However, it is safe to say that seeing Davis making the two-deep chart in time for the Maine game was a bit of a surprise.

After Wednesday's practice Davis reflected on the position switch and adjustment that came along with it.

The first thing I wanted to ask him was how the relationship between him and starting quarterback Bryant Shirreffs has changed now that he isn't in quarterback meetings with him.

"It has been an awesome transition," Davis said. "Just knowing Bryant from old quarterback stuff. we were close back then, very close now so it is awesome that we get to spread the wealth now with him throwing me the ball."

The athletic Davis ran for more than 2,500 yards and 43 touchdowns in his final two seasons at Mepham (N.Y.) High School so it doesn't surprise me that he has shown the ability to get open when asked to run routes but playing mostly quarterback in his football career, he didn't have much experience with the blocking side of things.

"I have come a long way in a week but I still have a long way to go," Davis said. "There is a bunch of stuff I need to get better at. It is an honor that I can work with that group right now.

"There is more that goes into blocking than I originally thought. There is a lot of footwork, head placement. When I first moved over to tight end, I thought it was just hitting people but once I have been here for a couple of weeks, I realize it is so much more than that."

Davis has taken part in two spring games as a quarterback but Thursday will mark his first official game at UConn after he redshirted last season.

"It is so exciting to be able to help this team right now to win, that is my main objective right now as long as I can be on the field to help out, I am more than happy to do it," Davis said.

For those wondering if Davis views the position switch as a temporary one, he said that is not the case and he now views himself as a tight end.


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