Monday, May 09, 2016

Departing juniors take care of business at UConn

When players with remaining eligibility start disappearing from the roster, it could wreak havoc with a program's Academic Progress Rate score which could be a recipe for disaster.

I have to admit to being curious how things were going to shake out as 10 players listed as juniors on the roster in the 2015 UConn media guide are no longer with the program.

The good news is that former scholarship players Kyle Bockeloh, Jazzmar Clax, Ellis Marder and Zach Rugg are among the graduates listed in the official program along with walk-ons JJ Bivona, John-Luke Bogue and William Weyrauch meaning seven of the 10 juniors no longer with the program have graduated. Tim Boyle and Dhameer Bradley needed to be in good academic standing to transfer to Eastern Kentucky and Sacred Heart respectively meaning that UConn's future APR scores shouldn't be negatively impacted by the departure of the players a season early.

Some of our graduates before the ceremonies..congrats and good luck!

Special mention show go to Josh Marriner, who graduated in three years and Andrew Paluch earned Honors Scholar recognition with a major in chemical engineering.

Returning players Sean Marinan, Bobby Puyol and Nick Vitale have already graduated as well.

Byron Jones came back to take part in graduation ceremonies while 2015 team captains Andrew Adams, Julian Campenni and Marquise Vann have also graduated in addition to fellow seniors Dalton Gifford, Junior Lee and Graham Stewart although Adams, Campenni, Lee and Stewart were sort of busy over the weekend taking part in NFL rookie camps.


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