Sunday, December 20, 2015

A few similarities between 2010 and 2015 UConn teams

There has been plenty of mentions about the 2010 UConn football team since that season marked the last time that the Huskies played their way into a bowl game.

I wasn't covering the team back then but did a little checking and found more parallels between the two teams than I thought I would.

It started off with the senior class as only 11 seniors were on the 2010 squad and this year's team has 13 seniors.

A few other things I thought might be worth noting

  • A junior led team in receptions and receiving yards (Noel Thomas this season, Michael Smith in 2010)
  • Sophomore led team in interceptions (Blidi Wreh-Wilson and Jerome Junior tied for the team lead with four in 2010 while Jamar Summers has seven picks this season)
  • Players ranking first and second in sacks were sophomores (Jesse Joseph and Trevardo Williams back in 2010, Foley Fatukasi and Luke Carrezola in 2015)
  • Senior led team in tackles (Lawrence Wilson in '10, Andrew Adams this season) but six of top eight tacklers were players returning the following season 

The one similarity that I believe won't be carrying over is having four straight seasons without a bowl appearance after this season which was how things played out after that magical 2010 season.

While there is plenty of reason for optimism considering how many talented players will be returning next season, look for a story in Tuesday's edition of the New Haven Register on how much the seniors are enjoying playing a major role in end the Huskies' bowl drought. Barring any travel mishaps, I hope to be at UConn's practice on Tuesday in St. Petersburg.


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